Virtual Recruitment Consultancy - Coming Soon

We are currently making progress in the development of a new concept - the virtual recruitment consultant!

AI Assisted Resourcing

A New Resourcing Landscape

Through our venture into the world of recruitment consultancy, we have gained insight into the inefficiencies inherent in the traditional recruitment process. These inefficiencies can often slow recruitment delivery and can adversely impact quality of candidate referrals sometimes leading to poor placement outcomes.

The individual tasked with sourcing qualified candidates must be very clear on the client requirements. Clarity must be established by direct discussion with the client and/or by fully understanding a job description. Often, however, the individual tasked with searching for candidates may not be the one who has been liaising with the client and this can lead to gaps in understanding exact requirements of the role. For specialist positions, which form the majority of professional roles, a detailed domain knowledge is key to a recruitment professional quickly assimilating the nature of any role. For consultants who recruit across a broad range of sectors, this level of knowledge is not possible for every role worked on.

The consultant must be skilled at converting his or her understanding of the role requirements into the semantics of a candidate search process. This may involve constructing Boolean search clauses of differing structures to be executed across different candidate databases as well as social and professional networking sites. This stage can be very time consuming and frustrating for recruitment consultants as every platform presents a different interface and uses different semantics.

Identification of suitable candidate CVs and weighing them up against the role and putting them in order of suitability is another time consuming phase of work and one prone to errors of judgement in all but the most experienced and skilled recruiters.

On top of all this are less obvious features and nuances of a CV that may play a part in predisposing a potential candidate to being more or less likely to be the right candidate for the client.

We are actively conducting work aimed at helping to eliminate these inefficiencies and inaccuracies of the resourcing process through the use of automated processes in place manual ones. The automated stage makes use of a series of proprietary algorithms developed by Bratchen Technology, which will dramatically accelerate the whole process and take the guess work out of understanding job requirements and searching for the most suitable qualified candidates. 

Our revolutionary tool is expected to run alongside the recruitment consultant to assist them in achieving rapid results and maintaining a consistent quality standard.

We believe this has to be the future for recruitment technology. Our solution is expected to relieve the human recruitment consultant of much of the drudgery and time intensive nature of the role today. 

Our core work has been conducted by PhD data scientists with backgrounds in NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Learning and Statistical methods.