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Bratchen Technology supply recruitment and recruitment technology services to businesses who need efficient, cost effective and reliable sourcing, processing and delivery of recruitment information. This covers the realms of candidate sourcing, job distribution, job advertising, data processing using rule-based and AI-based algorithms, as well as fulfilling end-to-end recruitment consultancy services and job board management.

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Our Origin

Having worked in the diverse areas of software development, banking and financial services, manufacturing and supply chain for many decades between them, the founders of Bratchen with their individual experiences in recruiting resources in their respective professions decided to set up their own job board. They quickly realized that there was much scope for improvement in the area of recruitment intermediary servicing through the application of new technology and engaging in partnerships with other parties, and in 2013 the foundations were laid for the Bratchen Distribution Hub. Bratchen Technology Limited was incorporated and by 2014 their platform was being licenced out to serve other businesses in keeping with the SaaS model.

Our Continuing Story

Bratchen has since gone from strength to strength, increasing its client base and revenue year on year. Moving into new larger business premises in 2016 we made the decision to try out our services first hand in the field by forming our own recruitment consultancy. With access to our own platform and gaining new key staff we quickly established ourselves as a reliable recruitment partner to a growing list of employers.

The Future

Despite recent uncertainty in the business environment Bratchen has continued to deliver to it's client base. As the environment continues to open up Bratchen is in a great position and we are looking forward to expanding our team, continuing to work with our loyal clients and gaining new client accounts.

Company Information

Bratchen Technology Limited is a UK registered limited company and operates from it's offices in Hertfordshire.

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Company Registration Number: 9007793
VAT Registration Number: 188 6349 52

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